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2015 Summer Program
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Teaching language Chinese
Degree Non-degree
Duration 2 weeks
Start date 2022 autumn
Tuition fee CNY9400
Application fee 500 (RMB) / 87 (USD)
  • Course Overview
  • Program advantages
  • Entry requirements
  • Program Objectives
  • How to apply
  • Chinese Course

    Chinese Course develops students' basic communicative competence in Mandarin Chinese with a focus on listening, speaking, reading, writing and their understanding of Chinese culture. Emphasis will be placed on vocabulary building and fundamental grammatical patterns. Courses will be conducted in Chinese.

    Living Accommodation

    All students are required to live on campus unless there are special circumstances. Rooms at the International Residence Hall are single occupancy with their own bathroom. They are standard dorm rooms, with a single bed, study desk, closet, window, air-conditioner and bathroom with a basin, western toilet and shower. There are 34 rooms to a floor and each floor has a shared kitchen and a shared laundry area with washer. The Residence Hall provides housing to students from all over the world. A variety of cafeterias provide delicious foods daily and supermarkets, convenience stores and open markets are located nearby.

    Campus Tour

    Led by the teacher and accompanied by veteran students from the same country, foreign students are touring around the Baoshan Campus (the main campus), including the administrative building, library and all kinds of facilities to learn about the developmental history and the status quo of Shanghai University.

    Welcome Party

    The dean of the College of International Exchange attends the welcome party, gives brief introduction of the university and the do's and don'ts on campus.

    Suzhou and Hangzhou “上有天堂、下有苏杭”

    “The beauty of Suzhou and Hangzhou parallels that of the heaven.”

    Suzhou, one of the most famous tourism cities of China, is the central city on the north wing of the most affluent Yangtze Delta (Hangzhou, Shanghai and Suzhou) in the south. For long it has been widely known for the exquisite hills and rivers, elegant gardens, as a saying goes: “Gardens in the south China are the best of world and those in Suzhou top all.” For the feature of ancient water sights with little bridges and rivers, Suzhou is also known as “oriental Venice” and “east water capital”. Scenic spots include Zhuozheng Garden, Hanshan Temple, Pan Gate, etc. and the fee covers transfer, tickets at the main gates of the scenic spots, guide service, group meals and

    accident insurance. Reference website: www.suzhou.gov.cn Hangzhou, also one of the most famous tourism cities of China, is the central city on the south wing of the Yangtze Delta. For long it has been known as “area with fish and rice”, “city of silk”, “heaven on the earth”. Scenic spots include the West Lake, Liuhe Pagoda, Dragon-well Village, etc. and the fee covers transfer, tickets at the main entrance of the scenic spots, guide service, group meals, standard room with twin beds for two persons at three-star or four-star hotels and accident insurance.

    Reference website: www.hangzhou.gov.cn

    Visit Yu Garden

    The Yu Garden, located in the Huangpu District of Shanghai, is a beautiful garden privately owned during the Ming Dynasty. Beside the garden are the City-god Temple, shops selling various tourist items, such as Shanghai Chopsticks Shop, Umbrella Shop, Tiehua Gallery, Ceramics Shop and others, and a lot of famous restaurants, like Nanxiang Mantou (Shanghai Tiny Baozi), Green Wave House (Shanghai Cookies), Shanghai Old Restaurant (Shanghai local dishes) and others.

    Chinese Acrobatics Show

    “ERA Tempo-Spatial Tour”, combining acrobatics, dancing, drama, music and first-class multimedia technology into one, utilizing the national artistic elements unique in China, especially in the south and adopting an expressive method with warped time and space, displays the past, the present and the future of the long history and splendid civilization of the Chinese nation. Using hi-tech elements for wonderful and magic effects, the performance is praised as “the No. one show of China” for bringing audience superb and extraordinary experiences.

    Visit Jinmao Tower

    Located at the golden area of the financial zone of Lujiazui, Pudong District, Shanghai, Jinmao Tower overlooks the famous band scenic area at the opposite side of Huangpu River. The 88-storied (another three stories underground) Jinmao Tower, with a height of 420.5 meters and covering an area of 23 thousand square meters, is the third highest building of the world and the first of China, and well deserves the name of a landmark building of Shanghai for stepping into the 21 century for its modern look and national style.

    Pujiang Boat Cruise

    Cruising the Huangpu River is an indispensable part of Shanghai tourism, not only for the river itself as the mother river and symbol of Shanghai, but also for the both sides, where the best scenes drift into your view, telling you the past, the present and the better future of Shanghai.

    Visit Shanghai Museum

    Shanghai Museum, first built in the December of 1952 and well-known in China and abroad, is a museum for China’s ancient arts. The square base and the huge dome have a special implication in Chinese culture, meaning “round heaven and square earth”. Since it was built, Shanghai Museum has collected over 123 thousand precious items from various channels, including 21 kinds, such as bronze wares, porcelains, jade items, coins, oracle bones and others.

    Lecture on Chinese Calligraphy

    Through the examination of Chinese strokes, structures and the development of the character, gain the understanding of the mentality of Chinese people and Chinese culture.

    Lecture on Chinese Name

    Through the study of the development of the names of Chinese people, gain the understanding of the development of Chinese culture, geology, history and society.

  • Program highlights:

    Lively and effective Chinese language courses;

    Lecture series & culture practice for personal participation to experience & understand Chinese culture essence;

    A variety of visits & exchange activities to explore the spirits of modern China city represented by Shanghai;

    A field investigation to “China's most famous paradise on earth” (Suzhou and Hangzhou) to feel the charm of China's South Yangtze River Delta.

  • 1. Non-Chinese citizen in good health

    2. Age between 18-60 years old

  • Make international student experience Chinese culture and experience Shanghai.

  • >Step 1

    Submit Application Documents: prepare necessary documents and upload in CISS. 

    >Step 2

    Pay Application Fee: Application Fee can be paid online or ask your customer service executive for guidance.

    >Step 3

    Qualification Verification: CISS customer service executive will contact you immediately when receive the files, please pay attention to your e-mail or your CISS.

    >Step 4

    Admission Letter: the admission letter will be normally sent out within 10 working days after all documents are prepared well.

    JW202 Form: usually come out within one month after students get admitted.

    >Step 5

    Visa Application:

    > For those who applied for long term study (more than 6 months), students can apply for X visa with the admission letter and JW202 form.

    > For those who applied for short term study (less than 6 months), students are suggested to apply for L visa with the admission letter.