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5 Reasons for Choosing Shanghai

Shanghai’s status as a global financial center and a world cosmopolitan city is one of the main factors for international students to choose it as their preferred destination for study. The following in the list are the city’s higher quality education services and course choices, and it’s a good place to experience Chinese culture and learn the Chinese language.


For its uniqueness

Studying in Shanghai gives you a chance to experience its uniqueness, culture, and history, where western culture meets traditional Chinese culture.

Shanghai is the home of Haipai culture, the ‘Shanghai style’ that had a significant effect on modern Chinese society. You can find western architecture along Nanjing Lu (Road), the Guangming Grand Theater and Paramount Dance Hall. And, there are many museums and art galleries with both Chinese and international exhibitions and collections, many of them free of charge or with good student discounts.

A world-class education in China

Shanghai’s universities offer a top education and a chance to follow your passion for broader learning while you get qualifications that are respected worldwide.

It has top education resources with at least 50 colleges and universities covering comprehensive wide range of disciplines and subjects. Instead of merely seeking a degree, you can also audit courses that suit your personal interests.

Open the door to your dreams

The courses here are exceptionally diverse and can increase your prospects for a good career, and bring you closer to the rest of China and the world. So, studying in Shanghai not only gives you a better understanding of China, but an international perspective as well.

Socializing students from China and abroad and learn about other cultures will help you get valuable experience for work anywhere. Studying here let you look for jobs in Shanghai, with its rapid growth and openness and its need for young talents with a global perspective and a good knowledge of China.

Perfect your Chinese

This is clearly the top place for studying Chinese, with courses for all ages and levels. Its universities have developed every kind of Chinese language program imaginable to meet the growing foreign student needs.

Here, Chinese language teaching is about having fun and taking part and classes often involve games and group discussions. You might also get to sing, learn from TV programs, or read a newspaper to broaden your language skills. You can also get involved in societies on campus and mingle with other students to improve your conversational skills. And, you can easily pick the program that suits your own career needs, or for education, or just for fun.

These Chinese language programs and well-qualified Chinese staff are covered by the Municipal Education Commission to ensure the high standards in teaching and learning.


There are a number of financial aid programs for international students and you are encouraged to apply for financial assistance to better ensure your studies. Universities and Shanghai Municipal Education Commission has established scholarships for a bachelor’s degree or higher.