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What our students say

Name: 欧辰

From: Kenya

Program: International Trade

Subject: Why I choose SHU?

The large population, long history and rapid development in the economy make Chinaa wonderland for me. Meanwhile Shanghai, as the economic center of China means more opportunity for learning and self-development. After checking the website, Ifound that I could not only find majors I liked here, but also many fun loving companions. These are the reasons I chose Shanghai University.

Name: 竹内爱子

From: Japan

Program: DBIC Program

Subject: Your application help impressed me

It was the first time I applied for an overseas University, so I barely had any experience. As a result, after a brief browsing of the official website of Shanghai University, I anxiously sent an E-mail to the university, in which Iraised many questions about my confusions and troubles. At first, I was worried about the inconvenience of asking large amount of questions. However, to mysurprise, a teacher replied to me before long. With a specialized teacher keeping contact with me all the way from application to arrival, I got a lot ofhelp and things got done smoothly. It was the enthusiasm and sincerity ofteachers in Shanghai University that firmed my determination of choosing it, aswell as strengthening my confidence of living independently in China.

Name: 吴幸祝

From: Vietnam

Program: Journalism and Communication

Subject: First impression on arrival

That was the first time I went abroad to entirely new environment. I could still feelthe worry or even horror when I left home, as if it only happened yesterday.However, when I walked out of the airport and found the volunteer waiting topick me up, my fear disappeared. The volunteer then became my first friend inChina, who had not only brought me to the campus safely but also guided mearound to get familiar with the surrounding environment, and accompanied me onpurchasing my phone card and other necessities. Upon seeing the welcome slogansaround the reception desk and friendly smiles on the attendant's face when Ichecked into the dormitory with my luggage, I knew this place would be warm and welcoming.

Name: Victoria

From: Russia

Program: Chinese Language and Literature

Subject: How to get into the campus

Getting used to life here is easy. You can try to find your compatriots, but if youcan't, don't worry, go to the ISU (International Students Union) in the dormitory hall, and you will get help. But, I think the best way to get yourself inside is to find a Chinese peer. After that I believe you will soon have a group of Chinese friends. Of course, if you still have any problem, go tothe CIE office for help.

Name: 亚希尔

From: Turkey

Program: Chinese Language and Literature

Subject: How to deal with the difficulties during study

Forme, studying here was not an easy task, especially at the beginning. My compatriots couldn’t help me much on it because they were in different majors.So I turned to communicate with my Chinese classmates, and they were allunexpectedly quite willing to help. Every day after class, we would discuss and study together. Thanks to my Chinese classmates, I'm now able to accomplish mydissertation in Chinese independently. Those classmates and I are now close friends. I'm so delighted about the achievements I made here.

Name: 蓝嘉

From: Madagascar

Program: Archival Science

Subject: Dream about the future

I hope I could return to Madagascar to land a job related to information management. On my graduation day 3 years later, I believe I will be capable to speak Chinese fluently, and know more about Chinese culture as well. The factthat most of my Chinese counterparts and classmates intend to engage themselves in the same occupation makes me consider that I can realize a higher personalvalue by serving as a bridge between two countries in the cause of Sino-Madagascar exchanges in the field of information science and technology.

Name: 杨琳

From: Thailand

Program: Sociology

Subject: One sentece to freshman

Welcome to Shanghai University! Here we have beautiful environment as well as manyathletic facilities. In turn, you should work really hard, and you will find studying here is a real strain. After all, I believe studying abroad in Shanghai University will be your most cherished experience and you will also harbora deep love for this city.