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International students union of SHU

ISU, established in 2010, is the heart of international students’ life at Shanghai University. Like a mini united nations, international students from each country of the six continents are represented in the ISU, which was established to assist international students in every aspect of their international life in Shanghai. ISU plans and organizes a variety of fun and interesting activities to make the life in Shanghai more colorful and has become one of the main channels of integration among international students. As Shanghai University welcomes more and more students from around the world, ISU’s role is becoming increasingly important. ‘Always by your side’ is ISU’s slogan and truly reflects our university’s passion and desire to serve international students and international students to assist each other. Anytime you need us, we will be there for you. ISU consists of different groups which focus on different aspects of international students’ life. Activities ISU organizes for international students include community activities, cultural exposure, sports meets, study groups, social activities etc. Feel free to join us and become part of our ISU family.