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Shanghai University Students Enjoy Themselves in The Old Town


More than 20 Shanghai International Studies University students had a chance to enjoy the beauty of an old historical town, Tongli, and its landscape, about 80 kilometers from the city, on April 27.

They visited ancient bridges, one of which is more than 700 hundred years old, and residences and enjoyed the running rivers, snapping plenty of photos. They also got a ride on a wooden boat to get a view of the town from the water, just sitting there watching the scenery while listening to the boatmen humming a tune.

For lunch, they got a taste of some local cuisine, known for its fish and snacks. Then, after visiting the Retreat and Reflect Garden, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in the afternoon, they concluded the relaxing one-day excursion by saying they were all impressed by the beautiful scenery and really enjoyed their time.

Students were all impressed by the beautiful scenery here.