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Vice President Cong Yuhao Led a Delegation to Visit Germany and Spain

Vice President Cong Yuhao Led a Delegation to Visit Germany and Spain

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6th to 13th December 2015, Cong Yuhao (Vice President, Shanghai University) led a delegation to visit Germany and Spain. Research cooperation, student joint training and exchange ideas are discussed in-depth with Karlshochschule International University, Hochschule Esslingen, instituto de Empresa and Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona.
During talks with the Karlshochschule International University and Hochschule Esslingen,the delegation introduced excellent engineers plan and the implementation in engineering college and reached agreement for cooperation in engineering faculty exchange and joint training programs. During the visit, the delegation also visited scientific research and engineering-training laboratories and communicated with German professor and student interns.  Delegation also visited the Bavarian government science and art and research department, both sides agreed to jointly enhance cooperation & exchange between Shanghai University and the Bavarian government-affiliated universities. Moreover, both sides entered into a collaboration to co-organize 2016 German Higher Engineering Education Seminar.
During talks with instituto de Empresa, both sides reached an agreement on joint-training of undergraduate and graduate level students. Professor Santiago (Dean, instituto de Empresa, Spain) accepted invitation and will visit Shanghai University in 2016. In talks with the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona, delegation reached a series of agreements for faculty and students exchange. Moreover, two universities will sign intercollegiate student exchange program as well as co-submit 2016 Erasmus Mundus Project of European Union application.