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Shanghai Top Academic Discipline Project of Shanghai University Successfully Held the “Chinese-Language Cinema: The Crossing-border Flows of the Image


The “Chinese-Language Cinema: The Crossing-Border Flows of Image, Capital and Culture” international conference, jointly sponsored by the School of Film and TV Art & Technology, Shanghai University, the School of Arts, Peking University, Institute of Film, TV and Theatre, Peking University, Liberal Arts Conllege, Jinan University, Institute for Cultural Industry, Shenzhen University, and Shanghai Top Academic Discipline Project, Shanghai University, was successfully held at the International Conference Center of Shanghai University, Baoshan campus. Professor Li Yongmei, vice secretary of the Party committee & vice President, Shanghai University, Professor Wang Yichuan, the Cheung Kong Scholar, Dean of the School of Art, Peking University, and Professor Li Fengliang, vice President in Shenzhen University, on behalf of each sponsor, address the meeting. Wu Sugui, Chief of the Scientific Research Office, Center of Research and Development in People’s Government of Shanghai, is invited to attend the conference.

In recent years, the Chinese cinema has showed a persistent trend of booming development, facilitating the international flourishing of Chinese culture. By December 8, the domestic box office revenue for Chinese-language cinema has surpassed the threshold of 20 billion RMB. Held at a pivotal moment for Chinese cinema, this conference aims at exploring the future of the convergence of the film industry in the greater China region and the critical task of promoting the exportation of Chinese cinematic culture to the international community, thus enhancing the capacity of the academia to provide insightful consultancy for the national and local government regarding the development of creative industries.

With an international Call-for-Paper, this conference attracted more than 100 overseas participants from a wide range of countries, such as the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, New Zealand, South Korea, and India. Stanley Rosen, University of Southern California,Mary Ann Doane and Linda Williams,University of California, Berkeley, Sheldon Lu,University of California, Davis, Jiao Xiongping, Taipei National University of the Arts, Rao Shuguang, China Film Archive, Huang Huilin and Zhou Xing, Beijing Normal University, Wang Zhimin, Beijing Film Academy, Wang Yichuan, Dai Jinhua, and Li Daoxin, Peking University, Li Fengliang, Shenzhen University, Chen Linxia, Jinan University, Chenxi, Jin Danyuan, Qu Chunjing, and Nie Wei, Shanghai University, and etc. are invited to present keynote speeches.

Within two days, scholars focus on the following topics to make a vehemently academic discussion: The Flowing Landscape & the Border-crossing Studies, Cultural Dissemination & Industrial Coopetition, Competition and Interaction: Hollywood & Chinese Cinema, Historical Retrospect: Transformation & Legacy, Film Industry: Capital & Marketing, Co-production: Origin & Syncretic, Pan-Asian Flows: Influence & Dissemination, Sharing Technology: New Media & New Topology, Global Scope and Industrial Practice, The Retrospect & Prospect of Chinese-language Cinema. From perspectives as diverse as history and cultural studies, industrial and market, aesthetics and genres, and media and new technology, participants addressed issues regarding the contemporary state of affairs, overseas communication efficacy and developmental predicaments of Chinese-language cinema in a very engaging way.

As an important part of the construction efforts for Shanghai Top Academic Discipline Project, Shanghai University, the success of this conference fully demonstrated the research strength, academic influence and international engagement and opened up new development opportunities for Shanghai Top Academic Discipline Project, Shanghai University.